The #1 Turnstile plugin for WordPress.

Setup Guide: How To Add Turnstile to your WordPress Forms

Simple Cloudflare Turnstile is the #1 Turnstile plugin for WordPress.

In this guide we will walk you through the process of adding an extra layer of security to your WordPress site using our user-friendly and privacy-preserving Turnstile service.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Cloudflare Account

To begin, create a Cloudflare account at:

After your account is created, visit the Cloudflare Dashboard, choose “Turnstile” from the menu sidebar, and click “Add site”.

You will then need to provide a site name, domain, and select the type of widget you prefer:

  • Managed (Recommended): Cloudflare will use visitor information to determine if an interactive challenge should be used. If an interaction is needed, the user will be asked to check a box (no images or text to decipher).
  • Non-interactive: A purely non-interactive challenge. Users will see a widget with a loading spinner, while the browser challenge is run.
  • Invisible: Challenge that does not require interaction.

After clicking the “Create” button, a “Site Key” and “Secret Key” will be generated.

Save these keys somewhere or keep the page open, as you’ll need to use these later.

Step 2: Installing the “Simple Cloudflare Turnstile” Plugin

To install the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin, navigate to “Plugins > Add New” in your WordPress admin area.

Search for “Simple Cloudflare Turnstile”, click “Install”, and finally click the “Activate” button once the plugin has been installed.

This will take you to the settings page for the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin where you can customise several options:

  • Site Key and Secret Key.
  • Widget Theme (light or dark).
  • Widget Language.
  • Appearance Mode – when set to Turnstile Widget is only displayed in cases where an interaction is required. This essentially makes it “invisible” for most valid users.
  • Disable Submit Button until challenge is complete.
  • Custom Error Message

In the settings page, you will find various tabs based on the plugins your site has installed. Here, you can activate Turnstile on each of your website’s forms.

Go ahead and toggle the tabs, and select the checkbox for each form where you want to enable Turnstile

There may also be some other settings available for specific integrations.

After initially setting your “Site Key” or “Secret Key”, you must test the API response to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

To do this, complete the Turnstile challenge and click “TEST RESPONSE”.

Supported Integrations

The Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin is compatible with many of the most popular form and eCommerce plugins available in WordPress.

You can currently enable Turnstile on the following forms:

  • WordPress
    • Login Form
    • Registration Form
    • Password Reset Form
    • Comments Form
  • WooCommerce
    • Checkout
    • Pay For Order
    • Login Form
    • Registration Form
    • Password Reset Form
  • Form Plugins
    • WPForms
    • Fluent Forms
    • Contact Form 7
    • Gravity Forms
    • Formidable Forms
    • Forminator Forms
  • Other Integrations
    • Elementor Pro Forms
    • Easy Digital Downloads Forms
    • Mailchimp for WordPress Forms
    • BuddyPress Registration Form
    • bbPress Create Topic & Reply Forms
    • MemberPress Forms
    • Ultimate Member Forms
    • WP-Members Forms
    • wpDiscuz Comments Form
    • WordPress Multisite.

What to Expect: Turnstile Widget

Once the Turnstile is enabled on your WordPress Login Form, it will look like this:


WooCommerce Login:

Contact Form:

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