Simple Cloudflare Turnstile

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Enhanced User Experience

Offer your website visitors an unparalleled user experience. Turnstile verifies their authenticity without any visual challenges, ensuring complete transparency and efficient experience for users when submitting forms.

Better Data Privacy

Turnstile helps maintain the privacy of your website’s visitors without compromising efficiency. Unlike other CAPTCHA alternatives, Cloudflare claims to never collect data for advertisement retargeting purposes.

Fast and 100% Free

Easily integrate Turnstile into your WordPress site in just a few minutes via the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin. Not only does this save you time, but it also comes completely free of charge for all!

Compatible with all popular form plugins!

The Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin is compatible with a majority of the most popular form and eCommerce plugins available in WordPress. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily enable Turnstile on all of your sites forms in just a few clicks!

Trusted by 20,000+ WordPress sites!

Download the free plugin today and join thousands of other WordPress sites protecting their forms with Turnstile!

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